Developing cutting-edge technologies and products for healthy beauty


Developing cutting-edge technologies and products for healthy beauty in aesthetic market is the key value of NOHTUS.  Since NOHTUS started researching new technology for innovation in aesthetic market, finally, we introduced several breakthroughs in 2018

REJUNER, a drop of youth, will set new standards in the market of meso-therapy and, especially, REJUNER will take meso-products for neo-collagenesis to a upgraded level. Our flagship product, REJUNER has been tested with hundreds of patients worldwide and the results show how it helps to get what patients expect.

REJUNER series firstly make the dermis application of polycaprolactone for neo-collagenesis possible and the convenient technique for usage is attracting lots of customers now. Also, particle free solution of REJUNER has been showing highly guaranteed safety.

We strongly believe that the innovation of REJUNER will have a real impact on the aesthetic market and will change the market trend of meso-therapy dramatically. The mission and philosophy of innovation, trust and communication will bring NOHTUS among the top international companies in the aesthetic market and we promise that NOHTUS will be continuously trying to develop innovative products and technologies to satisfy our customers and improve the market.


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