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REJUNER Gold Label

Strong collagen stimulator


REJUNER Gold Label

Solution type PCL

Premium Collagen Stimulator


REJUNER Gold Label helps you improve your skin texture and wrinkle improvement by stimulating Fibroblast & regenerating Collagen.


It gives you elastic & shiny look.

· Main Ingredient : Solubilized Polycaprolactone (PCL)

· Type : Particle Free Colloid
· Volume : 2ml * 5 vials

· Expiry date : 2 years from date of manufacture (This is single use. Use all after opening)

· Storage : Store at room temperature
· Application Part : Whole face

• Diminishes facial wrinkles by restoring the underlying structure of skin.


• World’s unique Particle Free PCL solution.


Forms 3D Matrix in skin

Neo Collagenesis




Application part